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Pregnancy+Postnatal exercises

4.24 usd

The flexible pregnant and postnatal workout videos in this app are both 20-30 minutes long. They are designed to be a safe form of exercise to keep pregnant and for women who have had their baby both mobile and active. It's perfect to help you maintain some aerobic fitness, muscular strength and flexibility. Developed after years of extensive experience and training working with a variety of pregnant and postnatal women of different fitness levels and in different trimesters. There is also a bonus clip on pelvic floors. It is suitable throughout pregnancy and from 6 weeks after birth for healthy women. Please consult your named health professional first if you are unsure about participating in a exercise programme.
We are highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable in pregnancy and in post natal care. We are passionate about the benefits of maintaining fitness throughout pregnancy and beyond.
BabyfitUK is led by a midwife who is a specialist exercise instructor with many years experience and training in Ante and Post Natal exercise
Please note that you need to be connected to the internet when playing the videos.